Gerard "Jerry" P. Moran

Upper Marlboro
Gerard P. "Jerry" Moran, 39, of Upper Marlboro, traveled the world as a combat photographer for the Navy between 1979 and 1984. When American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon Sept. 11, Moran was working there as an engineering contractor for the Navy, doing video teleconferencing, as he had been for three years.

Mora, who was born in Baltimore, studied photojournalism at Oklahoma University after graduating from Scranton Technical High School in Pennsylvania. His wife of 18 years, Joyce A. Moran, is a retired Navy photographer.A family man, Moran doted on his two teenage children -- Shannon, 16, and Dane, 14 -- both accomplished athletes whose teams their father has coached.

Family and friends describe Moran as a humorist and a humanitarian. When he was not coaching fast-pitch softball, baseball or power lifting, Moran's wife said, he could be found in the kitchen whipping up gourmet meals and experimenting with recipes from his many cookbooks. Some of his favorite ones were for coconut pork, chicken cordon bleu and prime rib. Next to relaxing at home with his family, or trout fishing with his brother or hanging out with his children and nieces and nephews, Moran's favorite activity was shopping at the grocery store meat department, his wife said.

Moran also is survived by a brother, Kevin, and a sister, Cindy Owens.Kevin Moran's daughter was in one of the World Trade Center towers when it was struck. She narrowly escaped before it collapsed.-- Tracey A. Reeves
Reprinted From The Washington Post

You Will Be Missed!

Our Friend
Killed when Flight 77 Crashed into the Pentagon
September 11, 2001

Jerry was Shop Manager here at The Washington Source for several years
in the late 90's.



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“Jerry loved life, he had a sparkle in his eyes. His appreciation for beautiful things came from being a photographer and a videographer. He collected statues from all over the world; they were all over the house. This panther I gave him before we were married. He insisted that it had to be in the living room where he could see it. I gave him the swan for our fourth wedding anniversary, and he fell in love with it as soon as he saw it. I took all the other statues he had collected and made the basement entertainment area a room of statues that Jerry would have loved.”

Joyce Moran, Wife